Useful tips for bathroom organization

Do you have a big bathroom? If yes, you are a really lucky person! Sorry to say, my bathroom is pretty tiny so I have to think how to organize the place right. Want some of my ideas?

How I organize place in my bathroom

1. My bathroom doesn’t have enough space to hang towels. Use the door! I stacked towel bars behind the door. Space is used efficiently now!

2. Earlier I put brushes, toothpaste and other things horizontally on a shelf. Waste of space! Now I use self-adhesive cups on the inside of the door. Terry-cloth caddies are good for that also. Jars are good enough for my makeup brushes.

3. Of course I use shelves:  cubbyhole for large things and some for small accessories.  I have a great towel cabinet in my bathroom, which doesn’t take much place, because it hangs on the wall.

bottles for hair conditioners, shower gels, shampoos, body wash

4. I don’t like big bottles which take so much space. That’s why I use uniform plastic bottles. They fit neat in my hanging basket. I try to downsize my current supply. Good advice: don’t forget to throw all things you haven’t used in the past six months. By the way, there are many unisex products for all family: shower gels, shampoos, body wash, conditioners. So it’s no need to buy different items for each member of the family.

5. Do you use magnet organizers? If not, try to do it! You can hang different things on them, such as scissors or small mirrors or different manicure tools.

6. I like to use cabinets with separate spaces, so that each member of family could have his own drawer. For example, use one drawer for kid’s toys and accessories, one for the first-aid kit, and several for yourself. For drawers I also use organizational storage containers.

Drawers to organize stuff

Agree it’s not always easy to find small things, even when they are placed in one particular drawer, so I use containers with many compartments. There is a big variety of boxes and trays in various materials and sizes, so they can be used for any sort of drawer. Sliding trays are really helpful too. I use some for the bathroom can and miscellaneous toiletries.

7. I always buy several toilet rolls. How do you think where I store them? I use round glass vase! So I always know when I need to refill the supply!

glass vases for tiny things

8. I use shower space also and try not leave any corner unfilled.

small bathroom organization

So the idea is to store only what you use in the bathroom. So I never keep bottles with too little to save or samples which I never use, makeup in colors I don’t wear and expired items. So if you know how to organize place in the bathroom, you will see that there is enough place and your bathroom is not so tiny! Good luck!

Useful tips for bathroom organization
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