Red Christmas Tree Decorations: Absolutely Gorgeous

Well, it’s Christmas VERY soon from now, and it’s definitely time to pick a Christmas tree!


Through generations, the natural green tree has been the most popular one in homes all around the United States. However, lately people are paying attention to all kinds of human-made products, like red artificial Christmas trees. They look pretty fancy and bright – just what you need for this holiday. When it’s dark outside and the wind is swirling, a red Christmas tree will keep you and your family warm. Red Christmas trees are quite popular in Europe, however, in America we still love to go to green (but that’s been changing).

Back in the day (like way, way back) the color red was used at Christmas spectacles to represent the apples of the paradise tree. They were meant to symbolize the fall of Adam (yep, that’s some serious stuff). I bet you didn’t know that red is the color of Holly berries, and it’s also used to portrait the blood of our savior – Jesus Christ. And finally, red is the color of Santa’s uniform! In the early 50s, we were used to painting the natural green trees red; nowadays, we just go to the nearest mall and buy a red artificial Christmas tree – call it a perk of living in the 21st century.

Red is the next big thing, so you won’t have any problems finding a red Christmas tree at the closest store.

And they’re pretty affordable: go to the official websites of Walmart, Home Depot, Wayfair or Christmas Central and check out the impressive collections of red artificial Christmas trees.

Red Christmas Tree Decorations


Generally speaking, there isn’t much to learn about red Christmas tree decorations. Do whatever your inner spirit tells you – just make sure it looks good.

Christmas is the biggest family holiday, and even if your kids are 15+ and don’t want to decorate with you like they used to, red Christmas trees will get their excitement back and maybe they’ll even lend you a hand.

Try something like red paper angels, red embellishments, red or white Christmas tree lights – they’ll look fresh and tasteful, trust me. Or you could even try red lights on the outside, like maybe decorating your garage with it. Christmas is the time when you forget about all your problems and concentrate on the good and the happy stuff. Plus you’ve got the official permission (authorization is the better word) to go crazy – it’s Christmas, after all!

Red And Gold Christmas Tree Ornaments

Now, since the beginning of time, decorations have been a big part of the Christmas charm, so, if you’re tired of the same old green tree in your house, try something new, like red and gold Christmas tree decorations. The idea behind that is to stick with one or two colors for the whole theme – that will make your Christmas tree look complete and thought-through. Red and gold Christmas tree ornaments are – along with the green ones, of course – the most popular decoration tools, so, use them wisely.

See on video how to decorate a Christmas Tree professionally and beautifully in red and gold:

Red Christmas Tree Lights

As a general rule a Christmas tree with red lights is already quite a breathtaking thing, so, the key here is not to overdo it, because we all want to overwhelm the poor tree with every piece of embellishment and every last ornament we’ve got, right? Keep in mind that red is one of the warmest colors, so, if a homey and warm feeling is what you’re after this Christmas, then red Christmas tree lights are your best pick. The rule of thumb here is “Don’t think too much and act!” Christmas is all about trying something new and not being afraid of the unknown, so, a red Christmas tree and/or decoration is kinda perfect for this holiday.

For red Christmas tree lights should better be gold (yellow), white or blue. But also don’t be afraid to try anything you like.

What About A Red Velvet Christmas Tree Skirt?


A red Christmas tree skirt would be a great match for your red Christmas tree. Round skirts are the traditional way to go, but modern fabrics (like velvet) will help you to freshen things up.

Skirts are actually quite easy to make: if you love homemade decor and know your way around scissors and sewing, then you can easily make a red velvet Christmas tree skirt. Experiment with the fabric and the shape and impress your guests with the perfect skirt that goes with your red Christmas tree decorations and the whole progressive red theme.

White And Red Christmas Tree – A Good Match?


If you’re ready to go futuristic, try crazy combinations like a white and red Christmas tree duo or a red and blue Christmas tree duo. I’m not sure whether your conservative relatives will love that or not, but your kids will be super happy.

Blue is the third most popular color after green and red, so, who knows, maybe you’ll love it?

Red Christmas tree balls, on the other hand, are the number one ornament for the traditional green tree, so, try to mix it all up and look for signs of inspiration.

Keep it fresh, don’t be afraid to look ridiculous and reach out for help only if you really need it. There’s something great about doing it all by yourself and enjoying the final result with your family/friends. Oh, and one final thing – Merry Christmas!

Red Christmas Tree Decorations: Absolutely Gorgeous
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