Hi there, guys, thank you for visiting my blog – it means the world to me! My name is Anna Morgan, and I’m in love with everything with the tag “Decor and Design” on it. Oh yeah, it’s like my calling, you know? I’m a translator by specialty, I know a lot of languages, Romanian even (yep, that’s right), but decorating was always my passion – interior design, landscape design, home decor, office decor – I love that stuff. Well, what can I say; I guess I’m just a girl, who really appreciates beauty in the ordinary. And I like to express myself through it, through the magnificent power of art. I started this blog, because I like to share with you my thoughts, my dreams, and my perception of the shiny and bright world that we all live in.

Hey, guys, by the way, I took some “Decorating and Design” master-classes a couple of years ago, so, I know what I’m doing! And I always like to help my girlfriends and BFFs, whenever they ask me to bring a fresh and joyful touch into their home – I gladly give them a hand, and put my best efforts to make a difference. It makes me so happy to see my friends fall in love with their new interiors!

 And this blog is like my little window into the big, exciting world of decor; I feel like I belong there, like it’s my home. A girl can dream, right? Whenever I feel really good, or really bad, I try to express my feelings through the art of decorating.  And when I feel that sudden rush of happiness and joy, when I feel, like I’m the luckiest girl in the world, I come here to share my thoughts and emotions with you, my friends. That’s really important for me, so, I just want to thank you all again for joining me and helping me understand what I love most in this life a little better. My spirits always go up, and my heart starts beating like crazy every time I see a piece of beauty, and decorating and designing is like a never-ending world of small, but really pretty pieces of elegancy, eminency, and joy.

So, that’s what I’m gonna write about, guys – everything new and exciting in decor and design, and I want you all to share your thoughts, you wishes, and your notes with me – that will just make my days so much better!

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