How I use basic design principles in decoration

Some people have a great eye for design and they can do everything just as they like. Other people go to the special courses of design. But if you don’t know much about design, I can tell you about some basic design principles in decoration I use myself.

The rule of odd numbers

It has emerged that all details which are grouped in odd numbers are more effective and attracting than even-numbered objects. They look more harmonious and spark interest. Did you know about that? As for me, I try to follow this rule and group objects in different heights and shapes, but I find something similar about them. For example I have three vases made of glass and wicker grouped together. But they have different heights and different elements – water, sand and the texture of oranges. The mail idea of this rule is to make everything look harmonious but not boring and uniform. As for me I don’t like boring interiors, do you?

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Focal point of the room

When I’m not sure how to decorate the room I try to find its focal point and it’s really a good start. It must be something that my eyes are drawn to when I enter the room. It can be built-in points like a big window with a beautiful view or a fireplace. If you don’t have such points I can help you to create one.

-I like to paint one wall a different color and add some artwork and shelves.

– If room will be used for reading, a bookshelf can become a good focal point. It’s my dream to have a room where I can just read and relax and nothing more!

– It can be just big artwork or large mirror.

When I find the focal point, I start to decorate it – frame it with photos, vases and sofas, use its mail color for the rest of the room.

Measurement rules

I always keep in mind some general measurements when I arrange furniture:

  • I always keep about 18- 20” between coffee tables and chairs or sofas.
  • When I want to hang some art, I keep its center at the level of my eyes. If I hang it above the furniture, I leave about 10” of space between them.
basic design principles in decoration

Negative space

Some people like to fill every negative space with different things but I’m sure that sometimes it works for itself and less is more. I don’t like clutter and try not to fill all my tables with the stuff. I like to use the negative space for the highlighting a decorated area nearby.

minimalism interior

The idea is – don’t try to remove all things, but try to look for spots that look finished even when they are empty.


There are three types of lighting:

  • Ambient or general lighting, which illuminates the room.
  • Task lighting which lights a specific area – a reading area for example.
  • Accent lights for the highlighting of a particular object – the painting or mirror for example.

I like to use different types of light in my home to give it dimension.

types of light in house

So I told you about some basic design principles to decorate your home. Maybe it was not very funny and exciting article but basics are very important and we should know them!

How I use basic design principles in decoration
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