Creative and cheap Christmas decorating ideas

Christmas is getting closer, so is your frustration, isn’t it? You have all what is needed for the feast – tons of ornaments, garlands, lights and ribbons but what you don’t have is a clue what to do with all of these this season. You want to be original and creative this year. Furthermore, you want your home to stand out and your guests be amazed and impressed. We’ve got you covered – our handy and cheap Christmas decorating ideas will help you enjoy the process of decorating your home and not to lose your festive spirit on the way.

Interior Christmas decoration ideas

There are different areas in your home that traditionally are decorated for Christmas. You may decorate all of them or only some of them. Our tips will let you set the priorities and have a fresh take on the decorating.

Staircase and banister décor:

Christmas decorating ideas – Staircase and banister décor

stairs christmas decoration
  • Juniper – cedar – pine garland attached to the banister is a perfect natural and aromatic décor.
  • Hang down ornaments in different size, color and shape. You can collect them in clusters or add them to the green garland.
  • If you want to be far from traditional this season, think of something original to decorate your banister with. Christmas stocking decorating ideas can help you with this task. You can hang stockings filled with little treats for your guests and pair them with garland and string lights. Such a cheerful display will keep you and your family joyful throughout the feast.

Christmas decorating ideas – Staircase décor

  • Sweetened garland is another idea for your guests. Hang mugs filled with cocoa and marshmallow or a candy, and your guests will appreciate your warm care.
  • Christmas decoration ideas pinterest offer some coastal themes. Beach inspired garland will bring a fresh breeze to your home atmosphere. Decorate your green garland with shells and sea stars, weave a rope around it and add navy blue ornaments to create a sea inspired bannister decoration.

Christmas decorating ideas – Christmas decoration

  • Make an exquisite garland using evergreen, faux garland of any color and a ribbon. Spin all of them together and decorate by pine cones to create a natural look.
  • Do you want to smile every time you pass by the staircase? Make a display of your most valuable cards and photos attached by clothes pegs to a twine or garland.
  • If you want to make a difference, decorate the base of your staircase instead of the handrail.

Window Christmas decoration ideas:

Christmas chip decorating ideas – Window Christmas decoration

  • Decorate windows with an evergreen garland and embellish it with 2 pinecone rosettes at the corners. It’s an east DIY project – you will need to saw a Styrofoam ball into 2 pieces and attach pine cones to each dome using wire (wrap each pine cone with wire and pin both ends of wire into the Styrofoam). Fix both rosettes to the corners of the window and enjoy a natural and elegant decor.
  • Dangle bright gift boxes of different sizes from a window and create a quirky and whimsical décor.

Christmas decorating ideas – A wreath on a window

  • Hang twine the length of your window and attach your Christmas cards and family photos using clothes pegs. You can add some handmade felt ornaments and your kid’s art for a more personalized look.
  • Wreaths are not only meant for your outdoor. Repurpose one to decorate your window. To add a natural flair you can deck your window-sill with an evergreen garland and spray faux-snow on top.

Christmas decorating ideas – Balls

If you have plenty of ornaments, you can dangle some from your window, attaching matching ribbons to them. You can line ornaments up, or you can make some ribbons shorter and some longer, have different size of balls or all the same-sized. You can’t go wrong with this idea, since it’s a simple and creative way to add a fancy look to your window treatment.

Wall decorations:

Christmas decorating ideas – Mittens

  • Make a number of poinsettias using satin ribbons of different colors and scale. You can go for a traditional Christmas scheme of red and green, red and gold, or you can use a fresh and juicy scheme of yellow, orange and lemon. Arrange them in a shape of wreath and hang on an empty wall.
  • Hang string lights over a wall and attach your greeting cards and pictures with clothespins. To make the display more sophisticated, add ribbon bows between the cards.
  • You feel stockings need rest this year? Replace them with mittens to carry out the gift-dispensing duties. You can hang them either on the wall, banister or over the mantel. Fill them with sweets and a piece of evergreen.

Hallway and door frame decoration ideas:

Christmas decorating ideas – Doorframe decoration ideas

  • Dress your doorframe with an elegant garland using green faux greenery weaved with string lights. Incorporate a couple of contrasting ribbons at the corners and embellish them with glass balls of different size.
  • Decorate your door with weaved large scale mesh ribbons and large balls in red / green, red / gold, silver / blue color scheme.
  • Attach faux evergreen garland to the frame and embellish it with large felt poinsettias at the corners and different ornaments all over the garland.

Other Christmas decorating ideas:

Christmas decorating ideas – Christmas decoration door handles

  • Your cabinet doors deserve a Christmas dress too! Add a festive touch to them by hanging pine cones on the ribbon on each handle. You’ll need 2 ribbons of 10-12’ length. Glue one to the pine cone base to make a loop and another one – to make a bow.
  • Preparing for a Christmas dinner, make sure every item of your furniture is dressed for this important event. Dress your chairs in Christmas covers. You don’t need to break the bank to buy a dozen of fancy covers. You can cover your chairs in white dress and tie a red ribbon with a bow on the back. You can add a faux spruce branch with shatterproof ornaments to the bow for an extra sparkle. Or you can simply wrap the back of the chairs with large mesh ribbons of red and green color and tie them in a bow. If you have spare felt, make chair toppers in the shape of Santa’s Hat.

Christmas decorating ideas – Dress chairs

  • Can’t afford to buy new pillow cases for throw pillows? You can easy go on the cheap and just tie a ribbon bow around each of them in a festive color scheme.
  • Have guests staying overnight? Decorate the headboard to give them the warm feeling. A spare garland with string lights will create a cozy atmosphere. You can even add personalized stockings (or you do mittens this year?) to make them feel appreciated.
  • Decorate your dining room with elegant snowflakes and stars hanging from the ceiling. Cut them out in white and red, spray with glitter for a sparkling effect and your dining room will shine with chic and beauty.

Christmas decorating ideas – Christmas pillowcases

  • There is always a place for Frosty at your home! This year you can decorate your fridge as a snowman using wall stickers.
  • Your staircase or mantel décor won’t be complete without Christmas lights decoration ideas. Handmade luminaries bring in a warm touch to your home interior. Paper bags with cut out shapes of stars, Christmas trees and even hearts are easy-do-to and inexpensive decorations.
  • Wrapping Christmas presents use the pictures of your family members on their respective presents. This personalized addition will make the hearts of your loved ones melt.

Christmas mantels decorating ideas:

Christmas decorating ideas – Christmas mantels decorating ideas

  • Create a frosty display on your mantel using cedar branches dusted with faux-snow and embellished with glittering icicles dangling from the mantelpiece.
  • If your Christmas style is rustic, decorate your mantel with a slice of wood hand-graved or painted a silhouette of Santa’s deer on it. Install the slice on a decorative plate stand.
  • Having a huge collection of Christmas balls is an undeniable advantage. You can decorate your mantelpiece with a ball garland by stringing the colorful balls together for a bright and cheerful décor.

Christmas decorating ideas – Jar Christmas tree

  • You’ve got spare glass jars? Make your own jar Christmas tree on the top of your mantel. Fill each of them with little balls, tinsel and other ornaments and organize them in a pyramid-shape. You can go farther and frost the jars, wrap them with an elegant ribbon, twist string lights loosely in them and run the wire over the back side of the jar. You’ll have original and chic luminaries.
  • Want some vintage and cheap Christmas decorating ideas? Get old-fashioned Christmas mugs in the shape of Santa and Frosty, plant your potted plants and spray with faux-snow.
  • Do you want to make a statement? Hang a banner over your fireplace. Painting cheerful words on the paper or fabric will add a fun touch.

Christmas table decoration ideas

Christmas decorating ideas – Handmade citrus pomander

You have invited your friends to the Christmas party and need your dining table look impeccable and stylish. Our 15 creative and on the cheap Christmas table decoration ideas will help you organize and decorate your table the best possible way.

Handmade citrus pomander centerpiece will become an aromatic and bright addition to the table décor. Decorate oranges with clove and cinnamon sticks; add a few pinecones and fresh spruce branches to seduce your guests with the real Christmas flavor.

Traditional candle centerpiece can be arranged in different ways. You can go either for one large candle or several tiny ones, lined up or with random height. Insert candles into the candlesticks and place them in the center of the faux wreath decorated with poinsettias, pinecones and ribbons. You can elevate a large candle on the cake stand and dust with faux snow around.

Just watch this beautiful video for more inspiration!

Christmas decorating ideas – Christmas tablecloth

  • Decorate your tablecloth. On Christmas Eve everything should shine around, so should your tablecloth. Draw delicate snowflakes with craft glue and sprinkle glitter on them for sparkling effect.
  • Another way to decorate your tablecloth is to add little bells to it. Punch holes throughout the hanging end of the cloth, run a ribbon through them and tie the ends of the ribbon with bells.
  • Do you want something fancy? Topiary is a good choice for a chic look. Cone Styrofoam serves as a hidden base for flowers whose base is cut short and inserted into the foam.
  • Centerpiece with ornaments. Get a deep bowl and place some greenery and an assortment of sparkling balls in gold and silver for an elegant effect or the colorful balls for a cheerful display. This lovely centerpiece is easy DIY.

Christmas decorating ideas – Christmas table decoration

  • Baby Christmas tree on a dining table will replicate the large one. Decorate with a red ribbon bow as a topper and place it on a cake stand.
  • Create warm and cozy atmosphere with lanterns on the table. Surround them with evergreen branches and some pinecones for a simple yet classic look.
  • Charming woodland on your table is another option. Get two-tier cake tray and cover plates with moss, put some mugs and fill them in with evergreen, pinecones and chestnuts, Dust some faux-snow on the tray and, if you wish, bake some cinnamon deer cookies to add to your woodland.

Christmas decorating ideas – Festive table decoration

  • Another easy yet elegant centerpiece requires a fancy large ball and evergreen springs. Put them together on a flat plate and cover with a cloche.
  • Nutty mood? Grab an assortment of nuts, a couple of tangerines and a large candle. Place the candle inside a glass jar or a vase and throw the nuts and tangerines around. The ones who’d like to recycle their old mini-bulbs, can paint them in bright colors of red, green and white and do the same trick as with nuts.
  • Use cardboard to create a mini forest. Make a few tiny trees and paint them in red, green, gold, etc.
  • Got crafty hands? Make crochet snowflakes in white and fix them to a hexagon felt base to make festive coasters for your guests.

Christmas decorating ideas – Festive table

  • Handmade luminarias made of plain paper bags and punched with large scale puncher and a ribbon run through the holes is an easy and inexpensive way to light up your Christmas table. (Use battery-operated lights instead of real candles).
  • The last but not least thing – silverware holders. You can knit some mini-stockings or you can buy ones from the store and wrap your silverware in them.
  • Our easy yet sophisticated and creative Christmas party decoration ideas will help your dining room and table look festive and original.

Outdoor cheap Christmas decorating ideas

Christmas decorating ideas – Outdoor Christmas decorating

  • There is nothing more charming and inviting than outdoor Christmas decorating ideas. Your walk- and driveways lit with luminaries or lanterns, sparkling rooflines and wrapped in string lights bushes and trees, cozy patio give an elegant and stylish touch to your exterior and welcome your guests in good cheer. We collected Christmas decorations ideas for outdoors for you not to miss a thing while decorating for feast.
  • Patio / porch is the main thing you have to pay attention to. Using Christmas outdoor decoration ideas can make a big impact and impress your guests with your stylish taste. Use long garland to wrap columns or incorporate them in porch handrail to emphasize on its architectural design. Weave garland with string lights to add more interest and let your entrance stay bright and welcoming.

Christmas decorating ideas – Christmas outdoor decoration ideas

  • Decorate your porch with shatterproof large scale ornaments. You can dangle them from the ceiling, eave or decorate the windows. Don’t forget your lights. Country Christmas decorating ideas with lights include either string lights or cascading star fall (icicles) or a garland lights that can turn your exterior into a wonderland and bring an exquisite ambiance. You can choose bright white, cozy yellow, festive multicolored lights to suit your exterior décor.
  • Are your thinking how you can repurpose your empty planter boxes? One of the simple and rustic outside Christmas decoration ideas is to fill those boxes with spruce boughs and decorate with shatterproof ornaments, or collect dry tree branches and deck with cascading lights.

Christmas decorating ideas – Door wreath

Door wreath. Traditional door wreath is a key decoration, so it ought to be special. If you want to be different this year, step aside from the traditional colors and go for something modern and vivid, like purple and turquoise, bright pink and lime or create your own color scheme! Do you want more creative Christmas outside decoration ideas? Get an old large scale picture frame, color it in color matching your holiday scheme and use it as an alternative wreath. Place inside something that can reflect your family personality, something old but dear (skates, kids’ toys, handmade socks or mittens, bright ribbons with cinnamon ornaments or even wooden first letters of each family member).

Fan of natural décor? Make your woodland wreath yourself! Glue mosses to a circle base (pre-made, homemade plywood or even cardboard), decorate with boughs of evergreen and pinecones, spray with a bit of glitter and tie a ribbon bow in the center. If you are interested in Christmas cookie decorating ideas you can bake cinnamon applesauce cookies in different Christmas shapes (reindeer, Santa, gingerbread men etc) and attach them to the wreath. If you have some spare yarn, make DYI yarn balls, which will add a versatile look to the wreath.

Or make a gifts’ wreath to hint your friends and family there are plenty of gifts waiting for them inside! Grab old small scale gift boxes and wrap them with weatherproof wrapping paper, cover with all-weather duct tape for more protection and add decorative tape band with tape bow for a finished look. Glue gifts to the wreath base and attach a large tape bow.

Christmas decorating ideas – Christmas door décor

Modern Christmas door décor doesn’t necessarily include a wreath. There are a couple of alternative outdoor Christmas decorations ideas that can make your home stand out. Hang something unexpected on the door, like vintage ice skates or a couple of large glittered shatterproof bells. Or forget all about the door, just install a statement message at the entrance with cheerful and meaningful handcrafted words. You can paint them on the board, or engrave them, but they must be bright and visible. You can choose something cute and Christmassy like traditional JOY, LET IT SNOW etc, or pick something more personal to reflect your personality.

Festive door mat. Your door mat is going to see a lot of visitors, so try to make it as eye-catching as possible. The best options are those that you can DYI: they are inexpensive, easy and custom-made. There is plenty of cheap Christmas decorating ideas pinterest where you can get the inspiration from.

Christmas decorating ideas – Festive door mat

Buy a cheap mat from the store and decorate it with acrylic paint. You can paint geometrical spruce-shapes or stencil JOY or write the letter of your family name. If you are good enough in painting, you can go for more complicated images like Christmas socks, Frosty, reindeer and surround them with Christmas patterns of mistletoe, snowflakes and Christmas candy canes.

Looking for outdoor Christmas decoration ideas for driveway and staircase. Lighten up the way for your visitors using lanterns of your taste. For outdoor the ones with glass sides and battery powered candles will do pretty well.

Christmas decorating ideas – Mailbox

  • Mailbox. This part of your exterior décor will have a lot of use too. Add some festive flair to it using faux garland with thick lights weaved together and some details in contrasting color. Attach decorations to the back of the box for the mail career to have an easy access to it.
  • Try to experiment with outdoor Christmas decorating ideas and you’ll create an original and bright décor that will help your friends to spot out your home immediately!

Christmas decorating ideas – Decoration of the workplace

We can’t miss here office decorating ideas since you are going to spend some time at work, and you have to get your place decorated to cheer you up during festive period. There are some Christmas décor ideas for office that can bring in holiday atmosphere to the working place. Christmas cubicle decorating ideas can range from a real size fully decorated Christmas hut to just adding a light festive touch to the work cubicle. Using traditional festive decorations like wreath, garlands and LED lights you can easily brighten up your place. You can go craftier and “build” your own gingerbread hut from craft paper and decorated it with large acrylic candy canes and lollipops. These simple and cheap Christmas decorating ideas for office spaces will help you make your working place festive without fuss and stress.

We believe, with our comprehensive collection of Christmas decorating ideas, you’ll enjoy preparing for the biggest feast of the year!

Creative and cheap Christmas decorating ideas
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