Purple Christmas tree decorations & Several perfect combinations of purple with other colors

We are all looking forward to Christmas! There are so many things to do prior to it! And in the modern busy style of life we are so short of time! And we have no time to think of the decorations. You cannot, but agree, that decorations are very important for creating the right festive mood for the holidays! And the Christmas tree is the very centerpiece of your home on Christmas. So, it is quite important to choose very special decorations for it.

Decorating the Christmas tree is the thing, all people are looking forward to! It brings all the family together and raises your spirits! In this article I want to share with you some ideas for your Christmas décor. You should not be afraid to experiment! Try some fashionable color for your décor.

Think of the purple Christmas tree decorations.

Why? They look quite beautiful. You may find a lot of nice pictures of purple decorated Christmas trees on the internet. Besides the Christmas tree, you may decorate the whole room in the purple theme. Purple also looks great in combination with silver. So, let’s have a look at some purple Christmas tree decorations ideas.

While decorating your Christmas tree, be creative. Decorate your room in the theme, you like. If you like purple, that’s great!

Don’t you agree, that the Christmas tree on the photo looks just marvelous? It sets just a fabulous atmosphere!

It looks as if it is ready to receive Santa! You may decorate  your Christmas tree with purple balls. The wreaths can also be purple. Choose the lights of purple color. Such a décor creates the fantastic atmosphere in the room!

It is also a good idea to combine purple with pink. Purple and pink are a great combination! Let’s consider it a bit closer.

Purple and pink Christmas décor

In such a room, you feel as if you are in the fairy tale. Purple and pink decorations look very stylish. They are quite a modern trend of decorating your home for the holidays. With the help of them, you can express your personality and surprise your guests. These colors help you to make your room impressive and unique. They also blend very well with other colors, silver, white, green, blue, even black and orange. With the purple and pink decorations, you can use lights and other decorations of many colors. Let’s consider various combinations.

Pink and purple Christmas tree decorations are very easily combined with red. That will make your room look warmer and more festive. Choose some Christmas lights and decorations in red color. Adding some red shades to purple and pink colors will increase the festive air of the room. Your room will look bright and just wonderful! That will raise your spirits and the spirits of all the members of your family a lot. Thus, you will have incredible holidays! I think, you cannot, but agree, that this is worth your time!

Purple and silver Christmas tree decorating ideas

Silver color adds elegance to the Christmas decorations. Purple Christmas decorations, intensified with silver, make your room look classic and exclusive.

It is great to add some silver items of décor to your purple Christmas tree decorations. That will add luxury and enrich the décor of the room, raise the mood of winter holidays. It turns the traditional Christmas decorations into impressive and dramatic. Still, it does not go over the top. All of your guests will be impressed a lot by your Christmas decorations in purple and silver colors! And your Christmas holidays will be great!

Purple Christmas tree decorations with white colors

White color is one more hint for your ideas of Christmas decorations. You may use artificial snow, Christmas lights and other Christmas decorations in white color alongside with purple decorations.

White color Christmas decorations ideas are extremely many-sided. And they suite any color combinations, including purple decoration ideas. White color will make your room decorations look natural and classic. Besides, don’t you think, that the white color is the very color, that suits the theme of winter holidays? That will give your house the look, as if it is full of snow! Isn’t it a fairy-tale?

Purple Christmas decorations, combined with green

Purple decorations look marvelous in combination with green! Your Christmas tree is green by itself, and you may as well add some items of decorations to it. Purple Christmas decorations will have a stunning look on the green branches of your Christmas tree!

If you decorated all your room in the purple theme, it is also great to add some green branches here and there. Green color will add natural and modern feeling to your purple theme of décor. Such way of decoration looks quite stylish and attractive. And at the same time it doesn’t look overdone. Thus, your Christmas will be spent in a pleasant atmosphere of winter holidays.

Purple Christmas decorations with blue color

That I also a great idea to combine purple colors with blue shades. That works very well. Blue decorations harmonize very well with the purple items of the décor! They highlight the grand purple décor and make it look even more beautiful! That add romantic atmosphere to your room. Isn’t it pleasant to spend your holidays in such an atmosphere! Your guests will also be pleased with it. You may use Christmas lights in blue color. Blue items of the décor will make your purple decoration theme look just magnificent and sophisticated!

As you can see, there are many ideas for purple Christmas tree decorations, Purple is perfectly combined with many other colors, so, you have plenty of possibilities to experiment with their combinations. So, purple is just perfect for Christmas!

Purple Christmas tree decorations & Several perfect combinations of purple with other colors
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