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Hi there, guys, thank you for visiting my blog – it means the world to me! My name is Anna Morgan, and I’m in love with everything with the tag “Decor and Design” on it. Oh yeah, it’s like my calling, you know? I’m a translator by specialty, I know a lot of languages, Romanian even (yep, that’s right), but decorating was always my passion – interior design, landscape design, home decor, office decor – I love that stuff. Well, what can I say; I guess I’m just a girl, who really appreciates beauty in the ordinary. And I like to express myself through it, through the magnificent power of art. I started this blog, because I like to share with you my thoughts, my dreams, and my perception of the shiny and bright world that we all live in.



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How To Use Water Fountain for Prosperity in Feng Shui

A full guide to choose water fountain for your best home feng shui. How does feng shui fountain help to create a relaxing atmosphere?

Tabletop Zen Bowl Fountain

What Water Fountain Material Is the Best? 

What materials are good for Feng Shui Fountain? How to choose Fenshui Fountain in 2022

Egyptian style design

Egyptian interior design in modern interior

 If you are enjoying the pompous and magnificent spirit of ancient civilizations with rich and colorful history, then you should learn more about Egyptian interior design.

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