Tiled Bath and Tiled Shower

Good planning is essential for any placement. It is in the first instance important for the bathroom – the smallest room in the house, which you visit quite often independently of your lifestyle. Bathroom tile is the most actual finishing material for suchlike places. It looks quite common on the walls and the floor – but when you use this material to finish the bath, it looks especially unusual and stylish.
Tiled bath is not only attractive and modern: it makes the whole room more accurate and tidy. The place under the bathtub quickly gets dusty – especially when it is placed in the corner of the room. It is difficult to keep the placement clean when there are such inaccessible places, gathering moisture and dirt.
When you use tile to finish the bathtub it forms the straight panel, which covers its entire front part. It hides the most unattractive places, making a perfect surface with wonderful performance characteristics. Tiled bath is more long-lasting, damp-proof and low-maintenance. To clean this panel, you don’t need to use any special chemicals: a wet sponge with a common cleaning product will be quite enough. The smooth, shiny surface of the panel will always look clean, making the entire bathroom more attractive.

comfort bathroom
comfort bathroom

Choosing the Tile

The most common choice is to use the same tile design for the walls and the bath-tub panel. You can finish the room with bright tile, which broadens the placement and always looks up-to-date. Large white or beige materials are easily laid and cleaned. Besides, such materials perfectly combine with other interior elements – large mirrors, niches and shelves.
One more stylish idea is to cover the bathtub panel with mosaic tile. It looks unusual and elegant filling any room with an atmosphere of dignity. Small tiles can be of the same color as the rest of the room, being aligned with the walls or the floor. Besides, mosaic tile can contrast against other surfaces of the room. For example, dark-blue or juicy-green tiles will look stylish and strident against the background of the pale blue or lettuce green walls.
Think over the idea of making a tiled bath with multicolor mosaic: it will make your room look unusual and airy. Choose those colors that will combine with other elements of the room – shelves, mirrors, household appliances and so on. Don’t be afraid of experiments, and your bathroom will become the most attractive place of the flat.

Tiled Bathroom

The tiles can bring a welcome change in your bathroom decoration. Imagine yourself stepping out of slushy rainy working day during the autumn season into your own private bathroom where the water supply is controlled by you.   It’s a pleasure in itself, but I assume you are after some esthetics since you are reading this blog, so I am about to tell you a couple of tips how to decorate your bathroom with ceramic tiles. Tiled bathroom is a much more pleasant space to occupy, after all. How one chooses tiles for the bathroom? I will tell you of the most known types in terms of bathroom decorating and the types of tiles used in those, accordingly.  

minimalistic bathroom
minimalistic bathroom

Minimalistic approach

In minimalistic approach to the bathroom the key is the ornament of tiles. Frequent element in this type of decoration is ceramic tile with a monochrome color. No patterns on tile. You can choose the color according to your prevalent mood.

rustic bathroom
rustic bathroom

Rustic way

Wooden colors are used for a rustic style in tiled bathroom. Rustic bathroom unlike that of minimalistic suggests some furniture inside your bathroom. Your bathroom should be spacious enough and create the feeling of close-to-nature comfort for its visitors. One of my favorite types of tiles for bathroom is Mexican one- wild and untamed yet somehow comforting and homey.

Contemporary approach to tiled bathroom

Contemporary approach to the interior decoration in general is utilizing lots of metal. Metal furniture and metallic monochrome look of the bathroom; everything reminds the host of the high-tech era we are living in. You can use glossy tiles for that kind of bathroom. 

green tiled bathroom
green tiled bathroom

Mediterranean comfort

Tiles of shades of blue are used for creating piece of Mediterranean seashore of your bathroom. The overall color-scheme will be of bright, pastel and ethereal colours (white, light blue, blue-green). 

Romantically tiled bathroom

The quiet color palette of the romantic type of bathroom uses pale nudes, intimate pinks, blush tones, lilac tinted gray and purple nocturnes. The palette is completed by pale gold, rose-tinted gold. I personally prefer this type of bathroom decoration and go for a translucent smoky black that is characterized by dark moody shadows with a sepia tone.  

Are you decorating master bathroom or one for children?

If you are decorating a bathroom for children, do not forget to paint tiles (initially white, preferably) to bright colors and elements. Include pictures of sun, rainbows, unicorns and such.

Shower Tile Design Ideas

Tile is the best finishing material for bathrooms. It is water-resistant and long-living. Moreover, it can be combined to any kind of style or pattern. Cheap or expensive, bright or pastel, small or large – it can have different characteristics, but, in any case, this material will make your bathroom more comfortable and attractive.

To make your flat special and stylish, you can pick any of the following shower tile design ideas.

Make an accent in the room. This pattern is often used in the kitchen: a certain part of the wall is decorated with an intricate mosaic tile or bright wallpaper. To keep the room from looking too busy, you can leave the rest of the walls in a neutral color. Besides, the pattern of the tile can be mixed up on one wall: it is enough to lay tile in the diagonal or vertical lines.

Change up the size of the tile. To add some visual contrast in your bathroom, choose two or more types of tile with different sizes. It will let you lay large square tiles on the floor, while the walls will be covered with smaller rectangular tiles in the same color. This method will make the room look more harmonious and unusual.

Vary the tiles in the room. This is one of the most effective shower tile design ideas. Pick the tile of different patterns and combine them to achieve the necessary result. For instance, you can lay white subway finishing material on the wainscot height and use small glass tile above it. To have a pleasant foot massage, cover the floor with gentle pebble tile.

shower room design
shower room design

Use the tile on the ceiling. In decorating a bathroom, we focus, as a rule, on the walls and the floor, while the ceiling remains absolutely unnoticed. To make your room more original, you can choose the ceiling as another surface for tile. This method will add the room new colors and make it really stylish.

Decorate the benches and niches. Use little shower insets as favorable spots to demonstrate different patterns or tile colors. They can be either contrasting or harmonious to the rest of the room.

Shower tile can accompany other materials in the room. This finishing material can be used to highlight other colors and patterns. For instance, you can use ragged-cut slate to make an accent on the pavement or wood-frame tub.

There are many shower tile design ideas and all of them can be put into practice without critical financial and time costs. The only thing you need in such cases is your desire to make the room more attractive and a little bit of imagination.

Tiled Bath and Tiled Shower
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