How I want to decorate house for the Christmas

Do you like a magic? I really do! And what is the most magical holiday in the world? Of course, it’s Christmas! I always forget all the bad and focus on happiness and joy. I love to decorate my house for this fairy holiday and I have so many new ideas every year that I could write the book about them! But today I’ll tell about some of my favorite.

Outdoor design

As you already know, I like to invite guests to celebrate holidays together, so I always create a warm welcome.

  •  I use luminaries to light up front walks. I have small trees on my lawn, so I get a few strands of lights and put them on. I also use lights to frame my door and windows. I turn on some candles which are placed in each window at night so that they could be seen from outside.
  •  I decorate my mailbox with sheer ribbons and adorn the front door with a wreath, which symbolizes an eternal life. A wreath really makes my house look welcoming! How do you like that?
decoration example from internet

Indoor design

I like to do things myself so for the Christmas I enjoy doing paper snowflakes to decorate walls, windows and everything! I may add some glitter to make them shine. Something like that:

snowflake like this

Do you know the main Christmas colors? Of course, green and red. Why not to use them to look our houses look more festive? Even if you don’t have many green or red details, then just exchange some of your usual pillows, doorknobs, dishcloth at the kitchen for red and green. I add some red candles and add greenery around with garlands.


Of course, the main Christmas decoration is a Christmas tree. I always set it up in that room where I and my family will be congratulating each other. I prefer real trees to the artificial, don’t you? I like trees decorated in a personal style. Here are some tips:

  • The lights are looking so magic on the tree. I like to use multicolored lights for my tree to make it brighter.
  • Ornaments and round baubles can be bought in the store but I like to do them myself to add my personality to my tree. I use everything: pencils, candies, metallic paper. Just be creative!
  • People usually use a star as a tree topper but it can be any festive decoration. 
  • I like to use fake snow for my tree to make it look more natural.
tree design example

Do you have the fireplace in your house? If yes, string the stockings across it. It’s so pleasant to find some small presents and souvenirs inside! Prepare stockings for the each member of your family. Just like this:

christmas stockings

I never forget about the most pleasant tradition of the Christmas – a kissing beneath the mistletoe! I always hang it in a doorway between rooms and encourage people to give each other a kiss! I also use garlands and lights everywhere in my house and decorate all rooms.

How do you decorate your house for the Christmas?

How I want to decorate house for the Christmas
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