Stylish and comfortable home

In recent years our entire world has been all about style. People got crazy about style completely forgetting such conception as comfort. Especially at homes. How many modern interior designs have you seen lately to be homey cozy? Creating designs that are stylish but comfortable and cozy at the same time might be a great challenge. Luckily for us times are changing and more and more people go not only for the style like in magazines, but for comfort also. In this article I’ll try to give you some tips how to create stylish and comfortable home for you and your family.

stylish and comfortable design

Be in the middle

This means to choose a transitional design of your interior. It is balancing between modern and traditional. At the time when modern designs put an accent on style, traditional interior creates coziness and comfort of the place by all those small details. If combined and incorporated in a right way by using equal amount of elements of both modern and traditional styles, you get balanced style in the end.

modern and traditional styles balance

Coloring is counted

The first thing which has one of the most impacts on creating style and comfort at your home is the color which you choose for the rooms. Hues of the space generate not only your mood and emotions; it creates feeling of the room. It is very important. For this purpose is better to choose neutral or warm colors and pick appropriate accent color to emphasize on small details. 

warm colors

Small details make the difference

t would be great to add some small details and personal touches to the room.  Add some items in the shades that match to color of the walls to accent those things in your interior.

You might find some items in antique stores or use some special pieces that you’ve already been having for some time and still in love with.  Actually, as I’ve been saying earlier, mixing two styles, modern and traditional, will add casual elegance to your living space. If you decide to add some retro details to the interior to make it feel more cozy and comfortable and casual, you’d just benefit from it. You might also add some photos in black in white of your family and friends. But, as to me, the best personal touch of home being comfortable and alive with style, is nature elements such as some flowers in pots that are a part of the designing. Some branches from nature in a nice creative bowl contain both, modern and traditional style.  Lamps make the space feel great.

interior with details

When renovating your home it is very important not only how it looks but more important how it feels. Especially if you have kids and the family atmosphere must be emphasized.  And, of course, you want your home to be stylish at the same time. Everything is possible in our times when people try to be more relaxed and enjoy not only themselves but simple and beautiful things. And our homes reflect whatever we are. So go for what you really feel and what you really like.

Stylish and comfortable home
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