TOP 20+ Festive Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas for 2022

It’s high time to buy and decorate a Christmas tree or to get the old one down from the attic. And here is where your frustration begins…

But no need to worry, just grab the tree and get inspired by my Christmas tree decorations ideas that include plenty of creative tree themes and tips of both DYI and ready-made ornaments, garlands, and tree toppers.

I’ll help you with every single detail starting with choosing the theme of your Christmas tree, hanging the garlands and ribbons, decorating with ornaments, and installing a tree topper. I’ll also share some space-saving Christmas tree decorating tips for those who want to make the most of the limited space. If you are not one of the green Christmas tree people, stay with me anyway – I’ll give you dozens of options on how to bring a festive mood to your home without an actual tree. With my Christmas tree decorating ideas you’ll be amazed at how easy and exciting it can be preparing for Christmas.

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Christmas Tree Ideas

During this wonderful festive period, the Christmas tree is going to be a star in your home, so don’t spare efforts and creativity on decorating it. Every family has its own theme and style of Christmas décor. Choose Christmas tree ideas that would suit your family’s personality and complement your interior style.


Children’s Christmas Tree with Delicious Decorations. Kids love to help their parent to decorate the trees. Let your child make his own tasty decor that includes popcorn garland and popcorn balls. While your child is busy stringing popped kernels, you can bake ginger breads. If he ate all popcorn up before he finished the job, you can always make cotton snowballs instead, which however won’t be as delicious as popcorn. You can think of decorating Christmas trees with advent ribbon pouches with gifts and sweets inside.

Kid’s proof  Woodland Christmas Tree. Forest animals ornaments made of wood and felt and handcrafted pinecones on your tree will appeal for your child’s natural curiosity. This is the best idea for homes with little babies – nothing fragile and hazardous.

Yarn Christmas Decorations. Mini Christmas tree decorations ideas like cheerful garlands of pom-poms, stars, snowflakes and balls are easy to make for everyone. Besides, they create a cozy atmosphere and add a fun, vibrant touch to the tree.

Office Supply Christmas Tree. Whether at your office or at home, Christmas trees decorated with ornaments made of key tags, stickers, paper clips, push pins and file folders will stand out by its creativity.

Sea and Beach Inspired. Got loads of sea-shells, some seahorses and a starfish? Dust them with sparkling glitter, embellish with beads and rhinestones. Or paint them in different colors and arrange them by color to make your tree look stunning. Beachy Christmas tree decoration is most suitable in coastal homes.

Origami Christmas Decorations. It’s one of the simple Christmas tree decorating ideas which is cheap and easy-to-do for all family members. You can spend some quality time creating cute origami like snowflakes, stars, doves, cranes, balls, flowers and diamonds!

Frosted Christmas Tree. This kind of Christmas tree is for those who like their spruce look like it’s just been taken from the woods, frosted with faux snow. Decorated with silver and gold ornaments can create contrast to the green. For a more dramatic look you can add red or purple decorations to have a modern Christmas tree.

Pre decorated Christmas trees. Pre-decorated Christmas trees will help you to avoid frustration, spare precious time and headaches. There are plenty of ready-to-install trees that don’t create a mess. Instead of decorating it, you can enjoy some time with family and friends, baking Christmas cookies and sipping gluhwein.

Looking for pre-decorated Christmas trees for sale you can opt for traditional green spruce, or modern Christmas trees that hang upside down, popular white and flocked on the ends of the branches, equipped with modern LED lights or traditional bulbs.

How to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon?

There are plenty of ways to drape a ribbon to create a whimsical, natural or elegant look. You don’t know where to get started and how to decorate Christmas tree with ribbon? Some people start decorating their spruce with ribbon first and then add the rest of decorations. Some hang big objects first and then incorporate the ribbon. It’s actually up to your imagination what you start hanging in the first place.


Start decorating the Christmas tree with ribbon by choosing a pattern and type of ribbon you love and try to coordinate the other ribbons and objects with it. It’s easier to work with a wired ribbon, but you can pick any other style you like. Consider the size of the ribbon – it should match with the size of the tree: big trees require big scale ribbons.

Not sure how to decorate a Christmas tree with deco mesh ribbon? You can attach a ribbon to the ends of the branches by scrunching it in a spiral way or let it cascade vertically. Or you can wrap a tree weaving mesh in and out in equal distance arranging it in a cluster-like order. Cut several 12” pieces and insert them under branches to fill in the gaps between spruce branches.

Use red and gold ribbon to make a harmonious visual statement.

Christmas tree decorating kit. You are not a creative type of people? Need something ready-made without thinking too much of a color scheme, style, and kind of decorations to hang on your spruce? Then Christmas tree decorating kit is your option.

They contain everything you need to decorate your tree in a lovely way. For your convenience, they are designed with a matching color scheme and consist of dozens of ornaments, ribbons, tree toppers, tree skirts, and flower clips. Sometimes you can find decorative mesh and garlands included in the kit.

Beautiful Christmas tree decoration kits can be budget or expensive, shatter, proof or glass. Traditionally styled or rustic, colorful or metallic, with classic figures of Santa Claus, deer and snowmen, embellished with exquisite crystals, beads, and glitter.

Kids DYI sets with elements to color with acrylic paint, glue, sew and decorate foam shapes with sequins, pins and ribbons are widely available. Such kits are a great way to introduce children to arts and crafts and create their own Christmas decorations.

10+ affordable space-saving Christmas tree alternatives

There are cases when the traditional evergreen spruce is not an option. You might be tired of it, or don’t want to empty your bank account for all those decorations and green tree itself, or simply don’t have space for it in your small home. Still, you’d like your home to have this festive flair and enjoy a holiday spirit.

I can share with you some fascinating Christmas tree alternatives that you can use in your own case.


Book Tree. A nice way to make use of all those books stashed somewhere in the attic or lying in a bookcase collecting dust. First, sort them by size and dimensions. You are going to need the biggest and thickets ones for a tree base, thinner ones for branches, and the smallest one for the top. For a 3′ tree, you’ll need approximately 100 books. Pile them up in a triangular shape with the titles facing outwards. You can make your tree look bright by using different colors of the books, or make it monochromic or creating colored layers.

Chalkboard tree. Almost every home has a chalkboard. This is a great option for space-saving Christmas trees. Draw a tree on it and decorate with string lights or ornaments if you wish.

String Light Christmas tree. Inexpensive but original trees made of string lights definitely can create a Christmas mood. You can tack them to the wall, or hang them around a stand lamp or ladder. You can add some lightweight ornaments to make it look richer.

Wall fabric tree. There is plenty of Christmas tree decorating ideas on Pinterest featuring not only décor but original and alternative tree ideas. You can print a tree image on fabric and hang it every year on the wall. You can make a Christmas quilt from scraps of fabric and hang it on the wall. Cover your wall with butcher paper, draw a tree on it and attach ornaments for an unexpected Christmas tree.

String Light Christmas tree. Inexpensive but original trees made of string lights definitely can create a Christmas mood. You can tack them to the wall, or hang them around a stand lamp or ladder. You can add some lightweight ornaments to make it look richer.


Paper/cardboard trees. There are numerous ways to create a cardboard Christmas tree. You can either cut out its shape and put it on the wall for kids to decorate it, or you can make a tabletop 3D tree. Cardboard Christmas tree decorating ideas are endless and you only need to experiment with lights and ornaments.

The wooden tree is another rustic idea. Get the pallets of different lengths and arrange them in a shape of triangular, paint each pallet in a different color or decorate with some rustic ornaments. You can hang tree twigs with string lights on the wall and embellish with handmade rustic ornaments.

Watch this cool video on How to make a modern wooden Christmas tree out of wood:

Wall tree. Other wall options are washi tape or string tree. If you prefer a minimalist Christmas tree, decorate your empty wall with washi tape. You can choose either parallel lines to make a tree outline or several triangles. Ornaments can be also made of washi tape.

If you have a string, hang it on the wall in the shape of a tree and decorate with photos and knickknacks to make it more personalized. Another wall tree idea – using wall stickers. Vinyl stickers can be a fun and bright way to decorate an empty surface like a wall, door, or fridge.

Burlap, felt, tulle trees. Are you already in a crafty Christmas mode? Keep on creating unique and chic Christmas tree decorations with your own hands.

Burlap and lace tabletop trees bring a rustic and romantic atmosphere to your home. Sew layers of tulle or lace with burlap, embellish with rhinestones for a chic look. You can DIY a felt tree to be hung on the wall, or you can buy one. It’s an amazing and creative idea that your toddler will love. Make bright ornaments and your kid will decorate the tree in his own way.

Stepladder tree. Not only do kids get inspired with Christmas decorations, parents like to play with handy tools to create unique trees. If you have a ladder and faux spruce branches, stash the ladder with them and decorate with everything you can find in your garage. Alternatively, you can decorate the ladder itself with burlap garlands, string lights, lanterns installed on the steps, and hang pine cones and other rustic ornaments on the string.


Crochet, knitted trees. Crafty hands can always create cute and fun Christmas trees using crochet and thread or yarn for a bigger project. You can pick a ruffle pattern, string pattern, make it 3D or plain, decorate with buttons, little pom-poms, and beads.

DYI small Christmas trees can not only replace your big tree, but can bring a festive mood at the office by installing one at your desk or cheer up someone who happened to be sick at this time of the year, or help you share your joy with someone you love by giving a little handcrafted tree as a gift. Or you can lighten up each room in your home with a cute, fun, and easy-to-do tree. Go on and get creative with our ideas, tricks, and tips for Christmas tree decorations!

See this video for more Christmas tree decorations ideas:

TOP 20+ Festive Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas for 2022
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