Seasonal decor

Each year is filled with different kind of holiday and everybody is waiting for those events to come with great passion.  Seasonal décor is one of the most important parts of preparation; it brings spirit of love, joy and celebration to our homes. I believe, that all children, like mine, just love to help their parents to decorate. Though it seems quite difficult to do it from the first sight if you’ve never done it before, in fact it’s a piece of cake if you start getting ready in advance. In this article I’m going to share some tips which I’ve been using for years and it would make your home look beautiful on any seasonal holiday.

Decorate your entry door

Make you home beautiful from the entrance. Create an atmosphere of a holiday for your family and friends before they stepped into your home.

Seasonal decor

Create holiday theme

Create a decorative seasonal scene inside a glass bowl. Use natural and artificial material in combination. For Christmas, for example, you might use artificial snow with spruce sprigs; for Easter bring some small chocolate eggs and put few birds in the bowl. Try to use natural scenes which are in trend right now.

holiday design

Add some colors

To create holiday color scheme use colors that compliment interior. If in your home prevail neutral hues, use bold and vivid colors to accent seasonal décor; if there are more bright shades – add few pale neutrals, greens or blues. You might even change your pillowcases for the living room area. Add as many colors as you wish to make it fun and joy.

colorful design
  • Bring natural elements

Fill your vases with flowers or evergreens like fir or spruce, gourds etc. You can make few mini trees and put it around. 

Create a centerpiece

Create a centerpiece for the season. There are so many ideas for that you you’ll be surprised how easy it is. Combination of flowers and candles will create dramatic and intimate feelings; decorative balls of different colors and textures with a family picture would bring warm and family atmosphere in the air; big bouquet of flowers in the center of any table would look luxurious; few orchids not only at the center of the table but around your house will be looking gorgeous; and evergreens with few decorative candles and some candies will be a nice surprise for anyone who visit you.

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candle in design

Bring some candles in

Put few decorative candles around the place different shapes, sizes and colors. Light them up in the evenings while you mingle and socialize with the family and friends to add mysterious feeling in the place.

Display family pictures and postcards

Create some nice display using seasonal postcards and pictures of your family last season. Add unique and nice surface or frame them up.

A lot of small touches and elements of seasonal décor can make your home look beautiful and bring that holiday feeling in the air. But the main thing is your cordiality and hospitality.

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Seasonal decor
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