Beautiful Home Interiors

I continue to observe the beautiful home interiors I have come across recently for readers of this blog. I will concentrate on colonial styles in the interior design decorating now and will give you simple and practical advices on how to make your interior beautiful with a help of various styles that are readily available nowadays.

modern colonial homes interior

The colonial way to organize your home interior has nothing to do with conquering your neighbor’s property. It is simply a fusion of two traditions in design decoration- the Eastern one and the Western one. Fancy styling of the Eastern tradition with its sensual curves, exotic shapes and garish colors is mixed with Western practicality and minimalism. The blend can be euphoric.

Materials used in decorating

Great Queen Victoria started this trend for bringing exotic materials from the colonies of British Empire and since then respectable homes started to get filled up with bamboos, rattan, raffia and otherwise exotic pieces of wood that introduced special feel and intricacy to British middle and upper classes. The rest is history. Colonial materials when applied properly can create really beautiful home interiors.

Variety of styles

Depending on your mood and inclination you can decorate your interior with the ocean theme, the forest theme or animal-oriented theme. All of those are essential for the colonial style.

The use of furniture

colonial style house

The furniture of colonial style is rather cumbersome and overwhelming. It may be played nicely against otherwise minimalistic design. Necessary prerequisite of this style is decorating of the furniture, which has partly influenced art nouveau style.

Textile colors

The furniture is of darker shades, so you want to put on textiles of fresher colors.

georgian colonial home interior

Use rugs in decorating

You can see the rugs of colonial style almost everywhere. Their distinct mark is the large animal, like tiger or lion being the main subject of the ornament. When applied with taste, carpets with colonial ornament can add a certain feel to your decorating.

Colonial plants

In my opinion, plants are necessary items if you want beautiful home interiors to live in. And healthy, too.

barbados fustic beautiful home interiors

Ceramics and other objects as an element of decoration

Ceramic vases, various ethnic masks, reminiscences of enigmatic rituals can be richly used on the walls and on the furniture. The Indian sculptures of multi-handed gods are highly popular elements even in low rent apartments and can help creating a beautiful home interiors.

Beautiful Home Interiors
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