Interior Design Styling with Ceramics Pottery

From where I stand the ceramics pottery is a single element which can dramatically turn your overall interior design styling into something cheesy or elegant, distasteful or graceful. Since ages (literally, for there is a Ceramic Age in my history book) ceramics have been used for practical needs but slowly becoming merely the element of decor. You know, you can throw away your milk bottle, but you cannot throw away ceramics pottery that you used for example, for bringing plants home. The pottery is staying with you forever.

Ceramics pottery in interior design decoration

In interior design decoration, ceramics pottery goes along well with polished surfaces of furniture with fabrics and wood, as well as with books and carpets.

On the shelves, racks, and bookcases you can put small vases, miniature sculptures, folk toys; on the coffee table – an ashtray, a vase of flowers or fruit; for kitchen furniture – classic pottery; on the walls you can put ceramic saucers and medallions.

Cabinet with ceramic dishes

Ceramic ornaments are usually placed in groups of 3-4 objects. A beautiful group can be created from a high flat bowl and pitcher, narrow high vases and plates, the sculptural figures and large vases. Groups could be symmetrical and asymmetrical. Asymmetrical ones are more picturesque – they contribute to the diversity of the overall interior design. However, to create such a composition is more complex a task than to create a symmetric group: it is not easy to achieve a visual balance among items, group them according to the  shape, size, color.

Where to put ceramics?

When choosing a place for ceramics pottery, take into account the particular area of the room. Thus, a large vase or sculpture is inappropriate in a small bedroom or nursery. Small ceramic medallion can be “lost” in the spacious common room. Big beautiful vase is appropriate in the common room, and quite out of place in the bedroom or in a room for the elderly. But, for example, a ceramic candlestick is not needed in the nursery.

pottery barn

It is important to choose the vase color. The gray or gray-blue are in harmony with the bright colors of the carpets and draperies.

In the recreation area, ceramics pottery do good to complement the composition of the interior, they could be placed near the coffee table or curtains.

Vases are often hung on the colored ribbons, plaited or dark metal chain. The vase can be hung on a free partition.

Interior Design Styling with Ceramics Pottery
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