What Water Fountain Material Is the Best? TOP 10+ Feng Shui Fountains in 2023 made of stone, metal, ceramic, resin

A fountain can be a great addition to any space. In accordance with Feng Shui, it is an efficient method to increase good luck and in general bring additional opportunities to each sphere of your life. Any fountain material will be great as long as the water sounds and feeling of water are improving energy in your house. The material used in the construction of a fountain can affect the quality and style of your fountain. The best material for a water fountain in Feng Shui is brass, bronze, or copper, stone. These materials are believed to bring positive energy, prosperity, and abundance into a space. Additionally, the sound of running water is said to be very soothing and can help to create a calming atmosphere. Unnatural materials for fountains are also common. In this article, you can read about:

There are such main types of material that can be used to make a water feature: stone, metal, and ceramic, also synthetic materials can be used. Each material has its own features that I want to describe in this article.

Stone Fountains

Stone water fountains are among the most popular type of water fountains on the market today. The reason for this is that stone fountains are very popular because they are durable and beautiful. They add a classic touch to any garden or backyard. Stone water fountains come in a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors.

Where Can You Buy Good Stone Water Fountains From?

Stone fountain

Natural stone fountains are usually not cheap. But they have a stunning stylish look that can add a touch of coziness to your garden or business space. For example, this one will look great in a spacious reception center, green garden or your personal Zen Park.

Stone is considered a classic Feng Shui fountain material. It looks authentic, as if we are in the Chinese monastery garden watching the water that run over the stones in the stream.

For example, this fountain helps to achieve such an effect of dipping into the atmosphere both in the yard and in the house.

Feng Shui Tip. Your feng shui fountain should provide a constant flow of water. So the energy will keep moving. Stagnation of energy leads to negative consequences, failures. Fountains with more than one level are very spectacular. 
stone 3 tiered fountain for living room

For example, this stone 3 tiered fountain would look great in a living room.

fountain imitating the texture of stone

It is not surprising that many modern fountains imitate the texture of stone. For example, such a fountain looks very realistic.

Polystone fountains

Polystone is another solution close to stone. This is a synthetic stone. A fountain made of this material looks stylish and unusual. Polystone is commonly used in the manufacture of furniture for the kitchen and the bathroom, in the decoration of signs, bar racks, window sills, staircases, fountains. Garden statues made of polystone are resistant to bad weather, direct sunlight, frost, wind. Material features make polystone fountains very good and durable solution for both indoor and outdoor fountain.

Where Can You Buy Good Polystone Water Fountains From?

indoor polystone fountain

For example, such a water feature solution with lights will be a great accent for a living room decorated in any style. But it will look especially good in a house that you decorate in an oriental style.

Waterfall Polystone Tabletop Fountain

Or you can add some Mediterranean accents with this fountain made as realistic grey stone rock tower with a touch of natural beauty.

Metal Fountain

According to the theory of primary elements, metal generates water element, so their combination in one decorative element is favorable. Metal, stainless steel or copper fountain brings abilities of organizing and precision in your home space.

Feng Shui Tips. In Fengshui, according to the theory of five primary elements, the metal generates water. Therefore, the combination of metal and water in one product is quite favorable from the point of view of energy.

Where Can You Buy Good Metal Water Fountains From?

Metall fountain

Metal elements and shape of the fountain make it modern and stylish. It will be looking great at home and office space as well.

Metall flower Tabletop Fountain

Or this one. The fountain runs water out of a flower above two metal delicate leaves right into a container with stones. Water makes quiet and calming, sound.

Resin Fountain

A resin fountain is a water feature that is often used in Feng Shui. It is a good idea to have one in your home or office if you are looking for a way to improve the energy of the space.

Where Can You Buy Good Resin Water Fountains From?

Today it is the most common Feng Shui fountain material due to its strength and durability. Resin fountains can look stylish and are great for imitating other textures.

Resin water feature
You can add some stone-styles accent to your garden with this water feature.
Water Fountain with Pot
Or pottery-mood fountain into your house.

Ceramic fountain

The ceramic water fountain is a very popular type of water fountain. It is a great way to add a natural element to your home or office. A ceramic water fountain can be used as an indoor or outdoor decoration, and it will add a soothing sound to the area. It’s believed that the nature of the combination of primary elements in a ceramic fountain is auspicious and brings stability.

A ceramic fountain is a very interesting solution that will improve any space and add quaint country charm to your backyard garden.

Where Can You Buy Good Ceramic Water Fountains From?

Boho ceramic fountain
For example, this water feature has some boho and Mediterranean accents
Ceramic Water Fountain with birds
and this one will complement the look of the garden or classic style interior

Feng Shui Fountain Placement Tips

Feng Shui fountains are a great way to bring the energy of water into your home. You can place them in the house or outdoors, but there are some spaces that are better than others. Here are some Feng Shui fountain placement tips.

Tabletop Zen Bowl Fountain

Place a fountain in the living room or dining room. These rooms should be at the center of your home and represent the heart of your family. The sound of running water will help you relax and enjoy your time with family and friends.

At the photo you can see Tabletop Zen Bowl Fountain which in my opinion will serve to decorate any modern living room.

When choosing a fountain, you should avoid fountains with sharp edges or corners. It may repel luck, wealth and positive energies. If your fountain has sharp edges, position it closer to a wall or other surface.

The best place for the fountain in Feng Shui is the East side of your home or office. But it’s best to find out where the money star is during this period and activate it with a fountain in this sector of your house.

Read more about the best place for Feng Shui fountain in this article!

What Water Fountain Material Is the Best? TOP 10+ Feng Shui Fountains in 2023 made of stone, metal, ceramic, resin
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