Modern Executive Office Design

I wanted to share with you my idea of the modern executive office design, which would be the executive’s office located in former big industrial zones, or so-called lofts.

The executive office is a visiting card of a company. Depending on the status of the company, the interior of the executive should be treated to underline the company’s place in the business world. The personal taste of the executive should be considered, too. The big boss has to feel comfortable in his working space.

However, if the executive is inclined towards exotic, flashy and distasteful things, he has to be forewarned about possible consequences of his personal input into the decorating of the executive office interior. It is not his own home, after all, and company cannot afford to lose its prestige while following its boss’ caprices.

All-in-all the interior design of the executive office ideally has to combine the status and the comfortability for the visitors.

office workspace

The recent global financial recession has left its mark on modern executive office interior design, in many cases shifting it away from traditional, over-the-top opulence towards a subtler, more understated style. The heavier styling which included rugs, high-quality furniture of mahogany, heavy window curtains and decorations – painting and sculpture, cuckoo clocks, etc. is quickly becoming obsolete.

Executive’s office design in the loft

It has become common to place offices in the open spaces of the former industrial buildings. In such large open lofts with brick-concrete walls all co-workers, including the executive are in the same space and at the best their working space is separated with light partitions. In this case the executive’s office can be isolated into a separate room, but with glass walls with blinds.

You can put in designer furniture made of plastic combined with metal and glass. It is important that the office would be spacious enough for all the areas of work-to-do: a large desk and an armchair for the executive and nearby can be placed a big table for staff meetings. It may be adjacent to the head’s table, or can be put at a distance and become a separate area. And, of course, in the office should be a relaxation area with sofas, where the boss can relax and take a break from work. Mobile partitions can be used for this purpose. However, many executives prefer to allocate a separate room – a relaxation room. This is a private room designed exclusively in accordance with the tastes of the boss. 

Modern Executive Office Design
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