Garden Landscape Design Ideas

I want to share several notes on minimalistic approach to garden landscape design ideas. Minimalistic approach is gaining popularity recently and quite a few of my friends who own houses with smaller and bigger patios are keen on investing a bit of an effort in decorating and enriching their lives with a minimal means. That is, the more creative and I would say restrictive approach you would take, the less money you will have to pour in the garden landscape design. The trick is to restrict yourself and try to make everything with your own brain and hands, that is, without consultations of a professional landscape designer which might cost you quite a bit nowadays.

Interior minimalism a starting point to the exterior minimalism

Pick an interior minimalistic design as a starting point of your approach to garden landscape design ideas. You will immediately get that well-crafted outside space can be as comfortable, relaxing and meditative as an inside space.

garden landscape design ideas

Set yourself a garden border

Start with setting a border of your garden. Pick the materials and colors for your garden boundaries according to your taste. You can opt for a hedge or a fence, but the best option could be in my opinion a good old chalkstone block wall. This kind of wall is a perfect boundary for your garden.  The wall reflects light and can be instrumental in creating a proper atmosphere inside your garden. If you wish you can paint the brick in the color of your personal preference, but do not overdo that if you fancy bringing the variety of guests around in the future.

Restrict yourself in the materials used

Restrict yourself in a range of materials you are using in realizing garden landscape design ideas. If you want to achieve a simple (not simplistic) look and feel inside your garden, consider using the same sort of timber for decking and fencing, creating a harmonious and mutually matching scheme. Also, the paving material should be in the same or similar tone with the fencing and decking.

beautiful landscaping ideas

Do not forget about plants

You cannot get away in designing your garden without putting plants. They bring life and create a relaxing comfort for eyes. Besides, the air in your garden will benefit from plants, for there will be more oxygen to breath.

If your garden is on a sunny side most of the time, plants will make a shadow necessary to feel in comfort any time of the day. Pick two or three pieces of plants that will be in harmony with your overall color scheme in the garden.

Garden Landscape Design Ideas
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