How I decorate my home for Valentine’s Day

Do you like St Valentine’s Day as I like? Of course you do, because it’s a perfect day to express love and deepest feelings! If you have a lovey, you plan a romantic getaway and prepare Valentine’s Day gifts for your family and friends. As for me I like to decorate my house for this sweet holiday, because I always have my own St Valentine’s Day party and today I’ll tell you some of my ideas.

happy valentine's day


Everyone knows that traditional colors of Valentine’s Day are pink, red and white. So of course I use them too for my party. I use red heart-shaped balloons and candles, I make garlands myself of hearts with written on then names of people whom I love and whom I always want to see at my parties. This year I plan to persuade my friends to come dressed in Valentine’s Day colors. As for myself I’ll wear my prettiest pink little dress!


Of course I use many flowers this day! Red and white roses are my favorites! Of course I like some creative ideas. I do candy heart arrangement and tuck some heart-shaped candies inside tulips and lilies. My guests are really keen on finding them!

couple on valentine's day


Of course candles! I like handmade heart candles for a romantic mood. I arrange some candles in a serving platter and surround them with dried red beans. So I get my own small candle garden for the table. Floating candles are always attractive and romantic. But we should be careful with such big amount of candles!

Romantic figures

I usually decorate the walls with paper cupids, which look so nice! For the ceiling I use cardboard cupids. Of course the main Valentine’s Day symbol is heart. So I use many hearts this day:

valetine card

  1. Hanging paper hearts
  2. Yarn hearts
  3. Valentine’s Day wreath made of hearts
  4. Bouncy heart garlands
  5. Heart bunting
  6. Heart embed candles
  7. Valentine’s Tree with hearts
  8. Heartfelt center of the table
  9. And many others.

Table decoration on Valentine’s Day

Usually I cover the table with a white tablecloth and sprinkle it with candy hearts. I always select menu according to the tastes of my friends. But also I like to add some pink colors in food for fun. I serve pink milk cocktails and cook pink cakes and candies.

table setting for valentine's day

And some words about Valentine’s Day gifts for my friends. This day we should express love not only our sweethearts, we should say our relatives and friends how much we love and appreciate them. I always prepare some gifts to these people.  A gift can be very simple, but it should be given with love. I do homemade gifts such as cards or cakes or paintings. Sometimes I gift vases, photo frames or fashion accessories. Everyone should feel love at this wonderful day! Have a good St Valentine’s Day!

How I decorate my home for Valentine’s Day
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