Best Bathroom Design

The bathroom is the smallest, but extremely important room in the house. We attend it several times a day, preparing for work and having a rest after hard business days.

Interior design of a bathroom is a serious question, which often puts people on their heels. There are great ranges of sanitaryware to choose from, including sleek, modern, classic or hi-tech styles. The size of the room can also be different, from the tiniest cloakrooms to full-sized bathrooms for the whole family.

Planning the best bathroom design, you should take into account the size of the placement and the characteristics of its basic elements – the bath, the basin, the WC, the shower, the tiles and so on.

First, choose your bathroom style: 

A modern room is likely to have stone floor. The wall tiles can be made of marble, slate or limestone.

A country-style bathroom often includes tongue-and-groove panelling on the walls. The floors are covered with stripped wood or laminate. 

A hi-tech room is usually finished in simple colors and laconic textures. Its strong point is connected with heated floors, digital showers and eco-friendly fixtures. 

bathroom design

Second, look at the elements of your room:

The bath is the centre stage of the placement. In your best bathroom design, it can become a thing of beauty. For example, choose the Original Victorian bath, but take into account that it tends to be very heavy. Modern versions of the bath can be made of lighter steel. To make the room more impressive, you can use the bath made of acrylic layers bonded together with stone resin. 

Wash basins can have any shape and size. Ceramics, stone, stainless steel, and copper – these elements of the bathroom are made of various materials. If you have a big family and enough space, you can place “his” and “hers” wash basins, as well as a special vanity unit for kids. 

The best bathroom design is hard to imagine without tiles: they are the obvious and the most comfortable choice for any room with a floor gully. If you value easy cleaning most, clap eyes on large profile designs. Mosaic tiles, in their turn, remain ever popular, as they fill any placement with the atmosphere of luxury and elegance.

Refitting a bathroom is an expensive and long process, so it is recommended to choose its design very carefully and consciously. Give preference to those materials, which tend to have longevity. While hi-tech and modern styles are extremely attractive, traditional bathrooms tend to be longer-term solutions.

Best Bathroom Design
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