Egyptian interior design in modern conditions

 If you are enjoying the pompous and magnificent spirit of ancient civilizations with rich and colorful history, than you should learn more about Egyptian interior design. This style is one of the most expressive and luxurious interior styles from the whole world. With its mysterious hieroglyphs and statues, it will definitely add a flour of exotics to your live and will help to feel yourself in a foreign country every time you return at home. 

Egypt design

 Egyptian design can be balanced, simple and elegant at one time. It is characterized by the combination of straight lines and such rounded elements as arches and corners. The lavishness of decorative columns, traditional Egyptian frescoes, statues and bas-reliefs will show your wealth and produce unforgettable and positive impression on your guests.  

traditional Egyptian design

 For Egyptian interior design are typical warm and light colors, which are connected with desert and sun. Golden-yellow tones is traditional for this design because they symbolize Egyptian God of the Sun – Ra. All tones of yellow color could be perfectly combined with black and brown shades to make the interior alive and interesting.

Egyptian furniture

 Main Egyptian furniture pieces are elegant chairs and benches, performed in dark wood with carved mysterious hieroglyphs and ornaments. Such methods of furniture’s decoration as enamel, inlay and gilding  will help you to create an Egyptian signature look in your room. Combination of black and golden-yellow fabrics with knitted symbols or pictures is traditional for Egyptian design as well. 

Egyptian design room

 Room in Egyptian style should contain a lot of small details to amaze the visitor’s eye with. You can put on well-observed place a statue of cat, decorate the wall with the papyrus or use both elements and even more. Each room in Egyptian interior design should be beautified individually and richly with vases, decorative curtains, palms, rugs and Egyptian symbolic. Just use your designer’s sense and imagination and don’t be afraid to try, because these elements can perfectly fit in every Egyptian design. 

 We hope that with our advices you will successfully create your own world of pharaohs in your apartments! 

Egyptian interior design in modern conditions
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