Winter decoration ideas

I think that winter is the most beautiful season because everything is covered with white blanket of snow. Every snowflake has its own pattern. The snow hills sparkle in the sun and you feel yourself like in charming snowy fairy-tale. 

Here you can see few beautiful winter decoration ideas for bedrooms, sitting rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and the area near the house. These winter diys will help you plunge into the Christmas atmosphere and cheer up. All of them look lovely and cute, as I think. I guess they are the best way to add something special and something unique to any house.

Sweater pillow

You can buy it or make on your own from the old sweater and pillow. The best colors for winter are white, azure, grey, silver and beige. You can use it in bedroom or sitting room.

Sweater pillow

Decorative Snowballs

Decorative Snowballs, which will remind about the real winter snow. You can make them from styrofoam balls and snow tex spray. I put snowballs into transparent vase, but you can put them into something else and leave everywhere in the house. Snowballs would look beautiful with any winter decorations ideas.


Winter candles

You may take candles wrap the burlap or colored ribbon around them. Then wrap the lace above the ribbon, overlapping and lay down again. Wrap a string around and tie (the fabric will hold in place). In the end, you may tuck bit of faux berries in the string.

Process of making a candle

Winter candle is ready!

Finished candle

No-Sew Paper Snowflakes Window Curtain

They are easy doing from sheet of paper. You can make them for all the windows or just for sitting rooms.

Winter table decorations

Winter table is a romantic and beautiful place of dining room. The best colors for decoration are white and silver, but in combination of blue and violet, they will look fantastically.  Create a winter centerpiece of white decorated candles and few decorative snowflakes. You also can put there some white and silver flowers and decorative snowballs (we have talked about them previously). Put silver napkins on the table.

Pines cones

Use some pines cones and fir tree for decorations of the tables. Tree branches and some real pine cones you can cover with white spray paint.  They would look like from winter forest. 

Tree decorations

The last winter decorations ideas will be white food on the table. I like cook delicious snowy cupcakes or cakes. You also can use a little trick – cover some food with coconut shaving and plunge into amazing snowy fairy-tale of taste.

Snowy table

Winter decoration ideas
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