What Are Ceramic Tiles

I am often asked by the readers of this blog what are ceramic tiles and how they can be applied according to various styles of one’s bathroom. It is interesting how many people take nowadays elements of design decoration for granted without looking deep in the process on how the thing is done and for which purpose.

bathroom ceramic tile

So, what are ceramic tiles? Ceramic tiles are popular choice for floor in kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls. They can withstand humidity and do not absorb liquids or odors of any kind. Another practical advantage of ceramic tiles is that they are fireproof and stain-resistant. Regardless of how many miles you have walked upon your tiles, they will never ever wear out.

What it made of?

The starting ingredient is a soft powder mineral. It is blended with several different powdered chemicals. Each manufacturer uses its own chemicals and the precise chemical formula of them is kept in secret. Then ingredients go to the mixer where they are blended with water. Then damp mixture, which is somewhat lumpy after the process is transported to the grinder that mills it until there is refined texture.

ceramic tiles in bathroom

The painting process resembles that of automatic car wash, which is a continuous process of tiles going through several paint sprays each of which applying a thin layer of paint. Then piles go through powerful heating element which dries the paint in mere seconds.

How to choose ceramic tiles

Choose the tile type according to the type of cabinets inside, the type of your room and the accessories inside

Let’s say you are facing the problem which ceramic tiles to choose for your bathroom. Always consider three criteria:

The design of your cabinets. You can choose modern, rustic or minimalistic style of ceramic tiles accordingly.

Is it a master bathroom or merely a powder room? Is it a bathroom designed specifically for children?

All these issues can greatly influence the choice of the tiles. An example of this principle is the ceramic tiles which are designed and painted for babies (with sunflowers, birds and so on). Also for children it is recommended to use a simple and white tile where children can draw with washable markers.

beige ceramic tiles

Accessories in your bathroom also should fit the type of the ceramic tiles you are using. If your bath, lighting and other elements are made in Mediterranean, rustic, contemporary or romantic style you should decide what are ceramic tiles style accordingly.

What Are Ceramic Tiles
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