Cute things to decorate your room with

 Hi everyone! You are welcome to my page where I’m going to share with you some ideas and secrets how to make you home cozier and sweeter. Decoration and organization help to express yourself and it is good way to fill a space that you adore. Cute things to decorate your room with that is what I want to share with you.

Our home, our room is not only where we live, it is also not only the furniture, wallpapers and chandelier. My home is what I am.

My favorite place in my tour is of course my room. So I would like to start with some tips which can be useful for it.

  There is a countless amount of cute things to decorate your room with.

table decor

Be creative and use what you have

 Decorative elements don’t depend on your budget, a lot of things can be made of available means you have in the house or in the yard. The room is a place where you sleep and relax. I really enjoy reading in my room. To have just bookcases is too traditional. I have some ideas that can them substitute. I have made my own book table. It has taken not much time but looks really cool.  

Think good before to throw out the old things

My old window frame is still serving for me. It has turned to be good material to make a table.

  So if you have one you can start making a nice book table or just a table and use it in the ways you need. A mirror can also be a good thing for this stuff. If you still have metal corners in the frame delete them. Then goes my favorite part – painting. Here everything depends on you, which color or picture you chose. Internet proposes a lot of nice stencils which can be also used for our new book table. Before paining it is better to cover the frame with the enamel. Very nice effect will be of you paint the frame in different colors. For example the first coat is orange and when it will be dry, covers it with the second color. I have made it with the white one. When the second coat is ready use sandpaper. The white color will make its way through the orange one. Don’t be afraid to play with colors.

 For the legs of our future table we need a stalk divided into 4 parts. You can find it in the garden or buy. Fix the legs to the frame with the screws. To decorate the legs I have chosen the rough rope and braid it over them fixing with the glue.

Good memories always with me.

To decorate my table I have chosen my favorite old pics and old watches, but there is so huge choice to make it. It can be nice stones, shells, beads, ornamental flowers, watches, clocks, and pictures even the old small books are good for it, everything you want and like. Finished with filling up the space in the table, cover it with the one more list of glass and fix it of course.  

 The cute things to decorate your room with are not finished with the table. If we talk further about shelves and book there are so many tips to make them extraordinary. The old suitcase or bag can serve as a table and a good place to keep the books in). Moreover you can fix the legs to it so it will be a real table.

Cute things to decorate your room with
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