Interior design & Lightning tips

I’ve just got back from Italy and there I’ve heard a saying that a house where daylight doesn’t enter is a house where doctor will be quite soon. Those few words made me think that most designers at out times are so fixed on finish and style that they don’t pay any attention to the actual character of lightning in the living space. Though lightning is one of the fundamentals of our perception of space, color and texture. It is something more than that. Light is more than simply lets us see. Light effects the way we feel, influencing our moods and emotions.  So this article will be helpful if you would like to create more light in your home and your life.

Nowadays the tendency of life has changed. We spend more time indoor than outside.  An average person would spend more than 70% of the day at home, in the office etc. So it is quite important and must be well forethought before any rebuilding or renovating of your home.

Before starting spending money at a light shop you have to understand few things about lightning. There are more than sockets, switches, plugs and bulbs. With all those elements your room will still be dark. The most important thing is how to use light in a right way.

You’ve got to remember and take in consideration two main aspects of light:

  • Natural or daylight is the most important.
  • Plugin kind of light can transform your space in a moment.

Light is an animator of our living spaces. So there are few factors that impact on how we could improve things.

light living space


Colors play huge role in our perception of light and you have to bear in mind that red, orange, brown and any kind of black hues hold the light refusing to reflect it. Pale colors such as pale green, blue and lily are very good in reflecting light.

suitable color


The choice of what we put on the floor would affect how the light rays break through. I would suggest first to define the part of the world your windows are facing. For the people whose windows are facing north, it is better not to use any carpets in particular living space. Carpets absorb hundreds times more light than anything else. Mat surface would scatter light in all directions and you really don’t want it. In this case, it is better to use gloss finish which would reflect light directly up onto the walls. If your windows face south, as mine do, it is better idea to apply mat and, at the same time, dark flooring, so that light not to be reflected.

dark flooring


Mirrors have huge importance on reflecting the daylight. They multiply the amount of light coming into the room. Not only they make the space look and feel bigger, if they are placed in the right place at your home, they will make it look brighter and lighter.

mirors interior

And now let’s have a look at the fabulous world of electrical lights.

World of electrical lights

What you have to remember is that you’ll never be able to light the room as efficiently as the sun does.  But using electrical lights will help you to create an atmosphere you’d like to have at your home. It also gives us some kind of security, safety and ability to perform task when there is not enough natural light coming in. 

So before planning you electrical lights to be set, think about:

  • Identify assignment of each living space; 
  • Think about atmosphere you’d like to create in that particular place of your home;
  • Use more lights in darker spaces and finishes;
  • Think about decorations you’d like to accent.
lights interior

In our times you are able to use any lightning fixtures you might find. They are quite unexpansive and go in different styles, shapes and colors. But as saving the environment is a priority nowadays, I would recommend you to use LED’s instead of Halogen and regular bulbs. It also will save your money.

Interior design & Lightning tips
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