Go green

If you go outside the city to the countryside, you’ll find that green in different hues and shades is all around us and your eyes are resting in such picturesque outskirts that you desire to bring such an unforgettable atmosphere of nature to your home. So let’s talk about green color.

In Ancient Egypt green color symbolized rebirth and regeneration. 

In feng shui this color means new beginnings and fresh energy. It is very nourishing to your mind and body; it balances your energies creating healing effect on entire space around.

In western culture green color always associates with life, spring and nature. It gives people sense of confidence and security, calmness and hope.

In the interior green is widely used by designers as a color of balance and tolerance.  If you decide that you resonate with the green color, you might use combinations of different hues of green in almost any room of your house and it will bring peace to your mind.  But first think about color combinations to make it work just right for you and your family. 

It will be working perfectly anywhere in your living space. In the living room light green hues might create feeling of harmony, balance and comfort. In combination with the other shades of green or white or gray colors you support atmosphere of style and luxury in the room.  Different hues might be used for furniture, sofa and chairs, accessories, rugs and pillows etc. Some flowers in nice pots of green shades are great accompaniment to the main interior design and it brings energy of nature also.

green living room

As this hue supports peace and calmness, it would be a good idea to use it for bedrooms and bathrooms to relax mind and body. It also is good for intellectual activities. So if you decide to create interior with green hues in the room of your kid, it will be double beneficial for you and child.



In the kitchen and dining rooms it creates airy and fresh feeling.  Green color also increases appetite at the same time. So it is commonly used by cafes and ristorantes if you’ve noticed.


How combine green with other colors: some tips

You can go for combinations of different colors you like and use it in accessories and small details in the kitchen, your cabinet, bedroom or living room. Which one you prefer?

Green and blue look nice in different combinations though might create cool effect.

Green with white and grey are the perfect combination which feels light and airy in the room.

Yellow in combination with green works just perfect, if you’d like to create fresh and joyful atmosphere in the living space.

If you decide to mix green with neutral wood colors, it would remind you of nature color combinations.

Remember to always use color for purpose. If you feel like going green in your home interior, you’d never lose. So think of what is your favorite color and don’t be afraid to make some changes in your home and life.

Go green

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