Decoration Inspiration

I draw my decoration inspiration from the variety of sources and I wanted to share with you some of those.

Japanese decoration inspiration

japanese inerioir

I have always been captivated by the balanced and simple approach of Japanese decoration masters to the home interiors. It is so different from our American concept of opulence and excessive amount of furniture, décor elements, vases, you name it. What was intriguing in the Japanese style for me is how Eastern masters managed to create an attractive space with such a low amount of means. In comparison any rich European, Russian or American traditional style of decorating looks unrefined.

japanese home design

Recent inspiration – the use of the glass floor

Another recent decoration inspiration comes from seeing the use of glass floor in various environments. It is on the more practical than aesthetic side, though. First of all, the glass floor is enlarging your space visually. That is, it works like mirror, but without the distorting effect of a mirror. It is not mind-blowing and looks pretty natural for the eye. The overall luminosity of your home is benefiting from the glass floor.  For those who are concerned with safety issues, no worries.

glass panel floor

Glass floor nowadays is just as solid and resistant as wooden floor. Furthermore, glass floor emits elegance, poise and charm. It inevitably draws the attention of the visitor of the space and gives a certain feel to the room. That is why glass floors were used in the production design of the movies in the 70s for the purpose of creating futuristic and polished ambiance. Now since glass floors are largely available and affordable you can bring that feel to your home.

glass stairs

Silk decoration in your home interior design

Now I do get back from my ethnic eastern decorating inspiration and want to highlight the use of silk in your home decorating. For those of you who live in colder areas of our planet, the silk is indispensable because it is warm. The silk fabric is elegant and thin. You can stylize your bedding with the use of silk, though it may be a little pricey.

But elegance pays if you care for the look of your bedroom. Silk, like other natural products is good for your body and does not cause allergic reactions. 

The other way you might use silk is in tables and chairs clothing. Normally silk clothing is being used for special occasions. However, you can buy some silk cushions of any size and make covers for your table or chair.

Decoration Inspiration
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