Christmas décor

When speaking about Xmas design we can’t but mention first of all tree decoration as it has become a strong tradition. At the same time there are two variants of Christmas trees – classical and modern. They can be green, red, and white, what’s more they are not only natural, but can be made of wood or plastic. But nevertheless they all look very fresh and original.

If you prefer evergreen Christmas decor and want to spend your winter holidays in a style, remember some tips:

  • More doesn’t mean better
  • Decide which design you like most: bright and bold, or soft and serene. A modern looking Xmas tree décor should contrast your general room style or combine to it
  • Let your decoration be thematic
  • Don’t overwhelm your tree with colors. Choose 2-3 hues and combine them properly
  • Don’t be lost in a galore of tree ornaments. Sort all of them, choosing the items that suit your Xmas tree in theme, size and appeals you most.
Decorated Christmas tree

Entryway Christmas décor

Entryway also needs decorations, because it is the first object that can impress your guests with holiday spirit. Stylish and friendly entryway design makes warm, welcoming effect. You can choose from a great variety of adornments: wreaths, ribbons, evergreen garlands and boughs. And again they all should correlate to each other. 

If you have a great collection of Xmas ornaments, be very careful when sorting them out to get modern and fresh view. Decorate the banisters with evergreen robes complementing with little incarnations of lush hues of gold, deep crimson or shimmering white snowflakes. Or maybe you’ll like blue and soft grey décor that looks very serene and lovely.

Christmas décor for entryway

Interior Xmas decoration

Don’t limit yourselves to only tree Xmas decoration. You can create a festive look in any room of your house by adding just a few accents into your whole general style. So Christmas time is hardly possible without candles which fill your house with lovely scents of celebration. Decorate your ceiling with handmade stars, hang beautiful Christmas garlands or lights on the upper walls. Make fake snow on your window using special spray. And of course set up a little fake tree in your bedroom and decorate it with tiny ornaments. 

Christmas décor in interior

You can create magic atmosphere in your house and become dreamers. Be happy and enjoy your Christmas!

Christmas décor
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