Baby Bedrooms

In this post I want to tell you about the basic principles of designing the newborn baby bedrooms. When you are about to become a parent you barely have time for investing in decorating and furnishing a baby bedroom. Many parents simply go for a professional designer and prefer not to invest their personality in the process. However, nothing is really so joyful than making up your own baby bedrooms, according to your taste and general family feel. You really should stick to some basic principles and from that starting point let your imagination go full steam ahead.

So what are those basics I am talking about?

In the course of first several months of a child living in a room, you do not really need much in terms of decorating. What are the necessary furniture items?

wooden nursery furniture

Right- the crib, a landau or a special basket, the dresser for clothes and children’s accessories. That’s it. Time goes fast and after some months you would need to add a space in the baby bedrooms where children would be able toddle and play in safety and comfort. You want your child to be partial to normal development which includes playing with colors, reading and active learning.

Organizing crib and other furniture in your baby bedrooms

Parents are advised to sleep in the same room with a child. It is of vital importance to place a crib not near the cold walls and sources of draught.

You want to place your bed somewhere in the center of the room in sufficient distance from windows, doors and walls. Put a crib next to your bed so children would feel proximity of the parent and they will have a sense of protection. Also, remember to have a sufficient space for a crib to be swinging because children need it the most.

baby bedroom sets

Try investing in those items of furniture that can be transformed in the course of the life of a child, like tables, chairs, ladders and such. The crib is the only item of furniture that needs to be changed while most other elements can be reconstructed according to the age of the child and practical needs.

stylish baby bedroom

Pay special attention to colors of the crib.  As far as colors are concerned, you don’t want to go for a grey-scaled colors (shades of grey from white to black,) but rather to the warmer part of the spectrum like yellows, mild reds and greens. The fabric of the crib and furniture  is not really important. You can easily change the fabrics through the course of the growing up of the child without investing much money. 

Baby Bedrooms
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