5 tips to decorate kids room

Decorating room for your kid or children might be quite challenging as I know from my own experience. Of course, you would like to create the best atmosphere for your loved ones and, at the same time, this room is still a part of your home designed in certain way. So we, parents, are facing a dilemma:  go for style or let the kid enjoy their space. There is always a solution. If you combine those two priorities and work with your kid as a team to design his or her room, you’ll find perfect solution. In this article I’m going to name 5 main principles for stylish and joyful kids room.

modern boys bedroom decorating ideas
Do you like this children room?

Get your kids involved in the process

At the time when most of the parents think that their kids haven’t grown enough and not yet independent enough on deciding how their own room should look like, I would suggest you to involve your kids in process of designing their living space. This is very important for them, our kids. Even if they are still little kids, they’ve already gotten their preferences, likes and dislikes. It’s quite important for them to feel that room is a safe place to be, it is home for them which they’ve created themselves. The other reason of letting them choose decoration or at least be a part of the process is that they have to understand that you trust their choice and respect their decision.

colorful kids room furniture ideas white red yellow
Colorful kids room furniture ideas in white, red, yellow. Wow!

Multifunctional and quality furniture

Children grow very fast and your task is to be ahead of time.  The furniture for little kids must not be too expensive though take in consideration its quality.  It also must be interesting and multifunctional, stimulating kids to take actions they really love and use their skills. It must be simple and safe, and also be easy at use for them, not for us.

colorful kids room design ideas red yellow
One more colorful kids room design

Safety is a priority

And while decorating space for your kids, every parent makes safety a priority. Depending on how old your kids are, make sure that even small details in the room are secure, safe and simple in use. While decorating room for the little ones keep out of sight all the plugs and electrical outlets. Try to avoid sharp corners anywhere in the room.

decoration for kid bedroom design ideas boys
Boys bedroom design

Make it joyful

Decorating kids room is so much fun.  Think about activities that your child or children like and try to incorporate them into living space. Play on contrast between wall colors and furniture hues. I would suggest make the color scheme quite bright but be careful not to overload it cause it might be over stimulating for some kids and affect their rest, activity and study. Go for decorations from their favorite cartoons or movies and at the same time try to be neutral in furniture choice. In a few years, if your children will get bored with the previous décor, it might be changed easily, but with the furniture is not as easy.

Modern Girls bedroom design with hello kitty
“Hello, Kitty!” bedrom for young princess

Accessories will help

Different colorful accessories and small details will be quite helpful in decorating room. Pillows of different colors and sizes, chandelier, shelves with books and boxes with toys in different and fun shapes will become good solution for the room.

turquoise model kids room design
Turquoise children room

Talk to your children, ask what they like and how they would love to have it. Let them play their first profession: to be a designer. First they learn it with their own room and later on they create their own masterpiece – beautiful life.

5 tips to decorate kids room
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