Month: January 2022

Black color in interior

Let’s speak about black color. People don’t often use black color in interior design. But it can create a peaceful atmosphere. You can make any style more refined with black, because it contrasts with every color. I’ll tell you how to use black in interior design. Let’s speak about black color Why black? It’s really […]

Useful tips for bathroom organization

How I organize place in my bathroom 1. My bathroom doesn’t have enough space to hang towels. Use the door! I stacked towel bars behind the door. Space is used efficiently now! 2. Earlier I put brushes, toothpaste and other things horizontally on a shelf. Waste of space! Now I use self-adhesive cups on the […]

Tiled Bath and Tiled Shower

Good planning is essential for any placement. It is in the first instance important for the bathroom – the smallest room in the house, which you visit quite often independently of your lifestyle. Bathroom tile is the most actual finishing material for suchlike places. It looks quite common on the walls and the floor – […]

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